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Sartre Nausea AUDIOBOOK With Introductionmp3 (Final 2022)




In 1974, Jean-Paul Sartre published Nausea, subtitled Textes II, which presents the first five chapters of the novel. As in the original French text, the first chapter, "La nausée," is prefaced by a short essay which introduces the work as a whole, "Conditions of the Possibility of a Work of Literature." The original text is accompanied by the text as it appears in the English translation, The Flies, by Bernard Frechtman and pub. by Secker and Warburg, London, 1973; p. 8-11. Plot The story is set during and immediately after the First World War, the war which began in August 1914 and ended with the Armistice in November 1918. The novel's action is split between two periods, the first year, August to July 1922, the second year, August to July 1923. The title is derived from that of Sartre's first published novel, Huis clos (No Exit), where it is used as a term of contempt for the bourgeoisie in a situation where one has no choice but to be bourgeois. The novel follows a number of characters during a single day of a Parisian holiday weekend in August 1921. Nausea has been called a "highly satirical" novel, as well as an experimental one, in that it was written in three stages. During the first stage, Nausea was written in the style of a memoir. The second stage is presented as a short story, in which many of the incidents and characters are real and have been selected to illustrate Sartre's more general view of life in contemporary French society. The third stage consists of the original text of Nausea, which is presented as fiction and is less concerned with the events which occur during the day than with the philosophical thoughts of one of the characters. Sartre states that his novel is "a confession of faith," and according to Isabelle Lussault, its characterisation of the characters has been viewed as "symbolical" and "pictorial". Sartre presents a "fantastic" account of the chapter "The Flies", in which he exposes what he views as the absurd nature of human existence. This is presented as a dream from which the reader awakens, to which he is powerless to return. Sartre's style of writing in Nausea has been called "plain, prosaic, literary and objective" in comparison to his writing





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Sartre Nausea AUDIOBOOK With Introductionmp3 (Final 2022)
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