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Eyewear trends

After visiting Paris we gained so much insight into upcoming eyewear trends. Not just from Silmo, the optical fair but also from wandering around Paris. The Parisians know their style,

très chic!

The four main upcoming trends are tailoring, street view, sport spirit and singularity.

Tailoring-The great classics never die they come back in new ways

Street view- A mix of streetwear hip hop and casual these frames assert a liberated aesthetic and urban spirit

Sport spirit -Always a great

source of inspiration sportswear has become an integral part of the everyday wardrobe

Singularity- No constraints, no limitations, the creations do a two-step to titillate the eye!

When thinking about eyewear, think of functional fashion. Not only do spectacles help to improve your vision, they also provide a fashion accessory to frame the eyes!

We often see the fashionistas wearing oversized sunglasses in many cases this isn't just for fashion! The oversized sunnies protect your eyes from UV damage slowing down premature ageing! Fashion with function!

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