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Sports Eye Injuries

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

This time last year I featured on the front page of the Strabane chronicle. The main objective was to raise awareness of the potential injuries that can be caused by all sports, contact and non-contact. To highlight the importance of eye health checks especially after incidents of blunt trauma.

The main concern at the time is usually concussion, however if trauma is suffered to the eye a visit to an eye health professional is advisable as well. The eye is an extension of the brain, and therefore is likely to have suffered blunt trauma too. Bruising to the eye and eyelid causing a "black eye"looks bad but usually is a less serious injury. Commotio is the term used for bruising in the back of the eye, which can cause vision to be reduced but will in most cases return when the bruising has resolved.

The more serious cases are an orbital blowout fracture or ruptured globe. Which can also cause damage to any of the six muscles around the eye causing double vision, which again can sometimes resolve or may be permanent. The worse case scenarios include retinal detachments or tears. Retinal detachment or tears will give symptoms of flashes and floaters, normally black however sometimes red if there is bleeding in the back of the eye. Any kind of trauma can cause the retina, the layer at the back of the eye to detach. This is irreversible if not detected quickly, which will cause permanent vision loss .

This 13 year old child was very lucky his mum booked an eye test which saved his vision. He was playing for Maiden City when he suffered trauma from the football. If you have suffered any trauma to the eye and are having symptoms seek medical attention asap.

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