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Zeiss Drivesafe lenses

Many customers find the main decision when visiting the opticians is choosing the frame, however the decision of spectacle lens design is probably more important. As technology advances so does technology in lens design. With Zeiss having 170 years experience in optics, its no wonder they have designed and produced such a product as the award-winning drivesafe lens. As an increasing number of people are spending more of their time driving the drivesafe lens is becoming more essential.

Zeiss have developed an everyday lens solution consisting of three elements to make driving safer and more comfortable.

1. Design® Technology by Zeiss, takes into account the pupil-size in low-light conditions.

2. Zeiss duravision drivesafe coating reduces perceived glare.

3. Zeiss drivesafe lens design incorporates an up to 43% mid-distance zone for easier focus, switching between the dashboard and mirrors. Also up to 14% larger far-distance vision zone for a wider view of the road.

Resulting in...

Better vision in low-light conditions for safer and more comfortable driving

Reduced glare at night from oncoming cars or street lights

Clear visibility of the road, dashboard, rear-view mirror and side mirrors

When advising and recommending you on your lens design your optician will be taking a number of factors into consideration. Your visual needs, your occupation, how much time you spend driving, how much time you spend on computers, the list goes on ....


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